Departures from Makarska riviera

Place of departure: Bus station – Podgora

Departure time: 8.15 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Tučepi

Departure time: 8.25 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Makarska

Departure time: 8.35 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Promajna

Departure time: 8.45 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Baško polje

Departure time: 8.50 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Baška Voda

Departure time: 8.55 AM

Place of departure: Bus station – Brela

Departure time: 9.00 AM

Driving slowly through the tunnel Sv. Ilija we enter the area of Imotski region, which is historical name for the area located in the background of mountain Biokovo. A key role in the life of this region has its fertile field. Between its almost flat surfaces and the mountain Biokovo (1762m) there is a large karst area which alternates rows of hills and valleys. The field and its area are rich with water.

Arrival to Imotski

im-1Imotski is located on the slopes of Podi hill, not so far from the Imotski field. It is developed under the medieval fortress that was the centre of Croatian country whose existence is noted in the 10th century. Imotski has all the characteristics of the coastal city thanks to its climate and urban architecture of the old town. Stone houses and steep narrow streets lined with stone steps are witnesses of former look of this place.

Arrival in the city Imotski is around 09:30 AM. The travel companion will share the promotional leaflets of Imotski to the guests in front of the travel agency and than follows the visit to the Local museum. Guests will there ,with the professional guidance and sightseeing, meet the cultural and historical heritage of the city (about 09: 45 AM).

Local museum Imotski

DESCRIPTION: The building, in which is today located the museum, was built in 1903 as a part of an industrial architecture complex of the largest tobacco buying center in Dalmatia. In the Museum, we can find a permanent exhibitions which are divided into the units that represent the history of Imotski. Ethnographic exhibition is dedicated to the village of Imotski. Apart from the objects from rural households, we can find traditional folk costume and many woven items that were used in everyday life. Tobacco department contains items related to tobacco production which was once an important economic activity in this region.

TRIP PLAIN: After visiting the museum, we are going to the town square (around 10:30 AM).

Tin Ujević (1891-1954)

DESCRIPTION: One of the greatest 20th century Croatian poets. He was born in Vrgorac but he has finished primary school in Imotski. His most famous works are: Lelek sebra, Kolajna, Auto na korzu, Ojađeno zvono, Rukovet, Žedan kamen na studencu and lot of others. In his famous poem „Departure“ he expressed a great fondness towards Imotski.

TRIP PLAIN: After learning a few important details about Tin Ujević, with slow steps, we go to the fortress Topana (about 10: 45 AM).

Fortress Topana

DECRIPTION: It is situated on the cliff overlooking the Blue Lake. The fort was built in the 10th century and throughout the history it has had a special strategic significance. The patroness of the Imotski and its region is „Our Lady of Angels“, and the same name small church is surrounded by fortress. Today, this fortress is favorite viewpoint and in the summer it is a place where are maintained a various cultural events. Also, today fortress is extremely interesting to visitors because of the preserved look and the beautiful view on the city Imotski, Blue Lake and the city’s football stadium.

TRIP PLAIN: After visiting the fort,we descend to the lookout of Blue Lake (about 11: 10h).

Blue Lake

DESCRIPTION: One of the two pearls of Imotski nature. It is situated at the edge of the town Imotski. Blue Lake is a huge sinkhole, deep about 150 m in the south part and about 290 m in the northern part. It is an 800m long and 400m wide karst chasm. The level of water changes throughout the year. Sometimes, the water level is higher than 100 m, but it is not rare for the lake to completely dry up in the early autumn, forming a perfect spot for a traditional football match. At the end of the 19th century, there have been constructed roads (1100m long) that lead to the bottom of the lake.

TRIP PLAIN: After they saw a Blue Lake, guests get a free time (until 14: 00 PM).Who wants and is in good physical condition, can get down to the bottom of the Blue lake and swim. Those who do not want to swim can go and see the St. Francesco church or take a walk through the town. At 14:00 hours is gathering of all the guests is the front of travel agency. Then guests go with the bus to the family farm, where they have a lunch. For lunch, guests will get a welcome drink (brandy), then traditional Dalmatian barbecue (grill) with drinks (wine-water-juice), homemade salad, homemade bread under the bell. Also, we must visit an another pearl of nature, the Red Lake.

Red Lake

DESCRIPTION: It is located 1.5 km west of the Blue Lake. It is a real miracle of our karst. The Red Lake intimidates visitors with its red steep rocks which end in a 300 m wide chasm. The lake bottom is below sea level, while the level of water is above sea level, which makes this lake a rare example of a crypto-depression in Croatia. On its north side slopes are 550 m high,and the level of water varies throughout the year, but not as much as water level of Blue lake. The depth of the lake is 252 m, and the average water depth is about 300 m. Red Lake is connected with „The legend of Gavan“ – legend about the origins of the Red Lake. I have to tell You that there is no visitor who did not try to throw the stone into the lake. Just a few visitors succeeded in it.You too go ahead and try, but do not forget to bring a stone because it is very difficult to find one there.

TRIP PLAIN: After a day’s trip to Imotski, it’s time to return (16: 00 PM).

Returns to Makarska riviera

Place of return: Bus station – Brela

Return time: 16.30 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Baška Voda

Return time: 16.35 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Baško polje

Return time: 16.40 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Promajna

Return time: 16.50 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Makarska

Return time: 17.00 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Tučepi

Return time: 17.10 PM

Place of return: Bus station – Podgora

Return time: 17.20 PM


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