If your answer is yes then we have just the right thing for you – scuba diving. We offer numerous programs such as  beach dive for beginners , boat dive for beginners , suba dive for certified divers and Snorkeling !

Down below you can read more about it and see which program fits you best!



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This programme is suitable for children (from 8 years old) or for those who are not comfortable with jumping from the boat. The beach dive is a really easy way to learn diving. We are diving on the Hotel Dalmacija beach, where your max depth will be 5m. At 9:00 we are meeting at the Dive center, where you’ll get the equipment, and listen to a theory where you´ll learn all the important informations about diving and using the equipment. We are starting our dive with few surface exercises and when all the divers get relaxed we are starting our dive. You will be under the water about 45min. During the dive the instructors will do a lot of pictures and videos.




     With this programme you will be able to fully discover our beautiful Adriatic sea, and also enjoy the panoramic boat tour until we get to the spot. We have around 30 dive spots near Makarska and on the island of Brač, including many coral reefs and walls, caves, wreck dives,… Here, the divers will see much more fishes, corals, sponges… because we are taking you to special spots out of the crowded beaches where the sealife is very rich. We are starting our tour at 9:00 at the Dive center with listening to the theory and learning the most important things about diving and using the equipment. After we dress on, we are going to the boat and starting the panorama trip with a speed boat. It depends on the day wich spot we are visiting. When we get to the spot, you will first be doing some surface exercises to fully relax and learn the diving skills. After that, we are starting our dive where the max depth will be 12m, and the dive will last around an hour or more. After the dive, you´ll have time for swimming and snorkeling. During the dive the instructors will do a lot of underwater pictures and videos too.




We offer you 2 dives from the boat on 2 different spots, and the programme is starting at 9:00 at the Dive center. You´ll get the full equipment and we are going with the speed boat to the first spot. During the break, we are changing the location, and slowly starting our second dive. It depends on the day wich spot we are visiting, but we have many coral walls, reefs, caves, wrecks, springs… The dive is followed by underwater photos and videos. Also, we are doing all the PADI  courses (OWD, AOWD, Rescue Diver, Dive master), so if you are interesting in taking your diving skills to the next level, feel free to ask us!


PRICE: 2 dives 610kn HRK

SNORKELING 9:00-15:00

The snorkeling programme is taking place on the scuba diving boat tour, so you´ll be on the same boat with the divers. We are starting at 9:00 at the Dive center. When we get to the spot, the instructors will recommend you where to go, what to see, and teach you some snorkeling skills. By snorkeling, you are getting the mask and the fins, and a wet suit if you want.



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