All nature and active holidays lovers, try fishing on rivers and lakes of Imotski region.

Going fishing means enjoying in the beautiful, unspoiled nature, peace, silence, clean air and the environment where you can meet only some animals and birds who are watching Your activities.

For lovers of active rest, we have prepared a fishing on a beautiful river and fish rich locations – river Vrljika, Green Lake in Ričice and Prološko blato. These areas are rich with these river fish types – carp, pike, babushka, perch and trout. We have prepared for You various fish techniques in various time. Every catch will be recorded as a photo that guest will keep as a memory.
For every passionate fisherman is extremely important surrounding, atmosphere and environment where they will be completely left to their fishing ventures and try to catch some of these river types.

You should try river fishing and take with You great memories and unforgettable experience!

For all other proposals and wishes we are here at Your disposal and we look forward to successful cooperation!

Address: 21260 Imotski – Croatia, Glavina Donja 52,
Phone/fax number: +385 (0)91 9593 525